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GALATEJA commercial operations started in 1992.


Many years of work in the market have made us wiser and more experienced, and have given us confidence in our abilities.


We have learned a lot and never stopped continuing to improve our skills. Cooperation with various international brands, such as: Perfect Silk Lashes, Goldeneye, Stage LineRefectocil, Sorisa, Shine & Fine have provided us guidance in our development. High quality and wide acceptance of these products have left their mark on the market and have raised the bar for present and future performance.


Today the structure of the company has branched out, developing activities in different areas and different countries. We have successfully mastered the cosmetic services and opened professional cosmetic retail chains in several countries. Galateja has founded Center for Advanced Studies Cosmetologists. We have developed manufacture on the basis of our designs and techniques. We have taken an active position in the industry of beauty being participants of several associations and organizing professional congresses and competitions.


We are proudly presenting you the next step in the development of the company Galatea. This virtual resource is focused on the beauty industry experts’ first-of-all, however it is accessible for all our customers. In this online store the main sections are devoted to trade in professional products. Through Surfing "Beauty Point" everyone can find a lot of interesting information about training programs, upcoming events, the latest news and other useful info.

Your attention some useful links and information where you can get to know us better:







Beauty salon Galatea: http://www.galateja.lv/galateja.html http://www.e-beauty.lv/RUS/index.php?topic=minipage&kid=775 Covering a wide range of cosmetic and other services. Visiting our beauty treatments for face and body, you wil get stabile results and high quality. However, there are procedures for which we have especially proud: Mikropuncture, Micropigmentation Goldeneye and eyelash extension lashes Perfect Silk Lashes.


Professional Training Center for cosmetologists Galatea: http://www.galateja.lv/galateja.html http://www.e-beauty.lv/RUS/index.php?topic=minipage&kid=4533 Our training center offers professional growth for cosmetics, cosmetologists and estetists. Visiting our training programs and seminars, you can always supplement the knowledge and learn relevant skills that will help improve your professional skills. We folow trends in cosmetology, and teach, guided by contemporary trends and technologies. Our principle of individual approach to each student makes the learning process easy, convenient and effective!


Perfect Line Baltica, Competition Specialists permanent makeup and Micropigmentation http://www.e-beauty.lv/RUS/index.php?topic=minipage&kid=4532 For several years in different cities, different countries is a significant event beauty industry - competition specialists permanent makeup and Micropigmentation Perfect Line Baltica.


International Competition masters eyelash Eyelash Fantasy 2009 http://www.e-beauty.lv/RUS/index.php?topic=minipage&kid=4694 For the first time in Latvia, company Galateja and IPP Ilustuudio organize an international competition of masters eyelash Eyelash Fantasy 2009


Beauty Point in Lithuania. http://www.beautypoint.lt/ Beauty Point kosmetikos profesionalams parduotuvė savo veiklą pradėjo 2007 metais. Dirbdami nuoširdžiai, atsakingai ir profesionaliai jau spėjo suburti gausų klientų būrį, kuris nuolat plečiasi.


Company Galatea in Russia http://www.profikosmetik.ruCompany PEC GALATEYA was founded in Russia in 1994. Its founder and inspiration throughout these years, is Ms. Svetlana Karlsson. Under her runing, "PEC GALATEYA, from a small company, has grown into a powerful, dynamic company with an extensive distribution network throughout the country. The company is engaged in promotion of new products and technologies in the market salon cosmetic industry. Conducts courses and refresher seminars for cosmetologists and nail artists, sells professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons.


Perfect Silk Lashes ™ http://www.perfectsilklashes.eu/ Silk eyelash extension, eyelash perm, eyelash chemical curling, design eyelashes - the priority Perfect Silk LashesTM. Products for these procedures is allocated a special quality, diversified product range and positive feedback from specialists. Silk eyelash extension, eyelash perm, eyelash extension beams, design of the lashes Perfect Silk LashesTM - is an excellent recommendation for a specialist.

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